By partnering with local businesses, your school district can work to build South Dakota’s workforce.

Give Students a Career Jumpstart

Career opportunities exist for students to start an apprenticeship while in high school (usually 11th or 12th grade). Students are provided the opportunity to remain enrolled in academic classes designed to meet high school graduation requirements while at the same time partnering with local business and industry leaders for paid, hands-on learning experiences. Contact your  local DLR job service office to assist you with the process and build partnership in your community. 

A successful program includes:

  • Uses instructional curriculum and job training plans developed by the employer, high school and post-high school technical instructional staff. Together, this team determines what skills each student will learn and the number of hours spent learning each task.
  • Invites and encourages interested students to apply regardless of academic performance, work experience or financial means.
  • Works with employers who provide student apprentices guaranteed full-time employment with benefits and guaranteed wage increases upon graduation.
  • Requires student participants to continue classroom instruction at a local community college, with the employer paying a portion or all of the tuition and fees.

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